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Harnessing the Power of Context besides LLMs (AI)

Get contextual insights into your business with automated Asset Inventory and Management.
Ask our trained AI if your business is secure to be trusted by customers.

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Why Asset Intelligence ?

Build the Foundation

  • A comprehensive analysis engine for your security station
  • Automated Asset Inventory
  • Automated Asset Management
  • Stay updated with latest Risk notifications

Gain deeper Business Insights

  • Get contextual understanding of your business with a graph interface.
  • Get richer details of what’s happening with your assets including services, hardware, people and more
  • Free Integrations to all our connectors

Security AI

  • Your own curated Security AI
  • Ask questions what are the risks in my cloud infrastructure etcetera
  • Free 24/7 service for any questions to artificial security specialist.

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How Asset Intelligence works?

We have made the interface and customer usability highly flexible and user-friendly so it’s easier to operate and bonus is it saves time and money.

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We’ll always be there in case of any issues or questions. Our AI will daily try to find new security issues in your company.

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