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Privacy is Every Human’s Right

Share confidential or sensitive information through any medium with peace of mind. With encryption that cannot be broken even by quantum computers and free integrations, Sypher is super secure and flexible.

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Sypher: Easy and Secure Sharing tool

Post-Quantum Cryptographic Encryption

Encryption used cannot be broken by even Quantum computers, so feel free to share your data with peace of mind.

Free Integrations

Seamlessly Integrate within Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Teams, Drive, even within a website or chat for your flexibility.

End-To-End Browser Encryption

Advanced Security Measures

Get stronger control with visibility limiting, geofencing, revocation, additional passwords and many more.

Application Agnostic + Zero Trust

Share the link through any medium including WhatsApp, Signal or email client. We cannot even see your data, It’s that secure.

Sypher components

Send Data

Send any sensitive or confidential information with just a link.

Request Data

Request important information from your clients in seconds. Create your custom templates to save time.


Embed it in your website or chat to get information securely from your users.

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