Understand your Systems Better
than Attacker

Get contextual insights into your business with automated Asset Inventory and Management. Ask our trained AI if your business is secure to be trusted by customers.


increase in Incident Response


increase in Team Efficiency


Cost Reduction



Context First

No More Blackbox

Fingerprinting The Attacks

Easy to analyse interface, resulting in IR impact determination much faster and efficient.

Virtual Security Specialist

Ask any questions like what are my public facing APIs? And get the answer in seconds.

Focus on solving bigger problems

We take care of your security needs, so that you can focus on your business priorities.

Google Workspace
Bambooh HR
Active Directory
Google Cloud
Digital Oceans
Cloud Strike

Build the Foundation

A comprehensive analysis engine with automated Asset Inventory Management. A single queue with the most important Risks.

Gain deeper Business Insights

Contextual understanding provides you with richer details of what’s happening to your assets and how they are connected with each other including the impact of an incident.

Security AI

Ask questions to your virtual security specialist, example: what are the most critical risks in my cloud today, and get answer in seconds.

Integrate with your favourite
services in minutes.

You can create your own customized plugin in just a few minutes, for best results, flexibility and convinience.

Defense Station

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Get Amazed by the New ways to interact with your Assets.

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