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A single source of truth to make the decisions, either security or operations that impact your business.

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Defense Station

One-stop-destination for all your CyberSecurity Needs

Find the right product or service for your company. Follow our step by step approach to start your security journey.

Transform asset management from frustration into strength

Empower your security teams with total visibility into all environments to analyse the most important risks.

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Enabling productivity without compromising reliability

Single Queue to handle the true risks to business. Increased control also enforces compliance with security and legal policies and reduces risks. The positive implications on costs and productivity benefit the entire business.

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Granular visibility into all assets

With increased control, visibility, and assigned responsibility, teams can reduce excess consumption including overprovisioning, and idle instances, avoiding unnecessary costs.

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Security First Approach

We hold your hand through this whole security journey, either it’s a single service or building the whole security path.

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Start Early

You can’t patch a sinking ship in the middle of an ocean. Get secure from Day 1 with no to low cost and scale without worrying about security or compliance.

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Do it Right

Security is complex, don’t get into the path of having multiple expensive tools which just results in duplication and wastage of time.

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Cost should not be a factor to have weak systems in place. You work on your goals, and we take care of security for you by all means.

Take Control of Your

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