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Our Story

From doing part time jobs while studying in Canada, to consulting different companies, we observed many cybersecurity irregularities.

It ties to us personally. Canada - land of maple syrup and flourishing cultures, attracted us like many immigrants. We got to know about credit history being an important factor that plays a role in everyone’s life.

Figured in the early days that Identity theft is a big issue here. When one of our friend’s identity got stolen, having a loan under his name, which was non-existent to him. This happened because of the compromised accountant email address, which he used to file taxes from. Leak of sensitive documents like passport, SIN, bank details, licence, CRA information, name any got into bad hands.

This was the first issue which made us think how big the problem of sharing information over emails is, And it just pivoted from here!

Over the years we have faced many security issues while providing consultancy or working with major Canadian companies and we literally wished for the tools to overcome these problems.

That’s how Defense Station was born, A single station for your company’s CyberSecurity needs.

Let’s Build Your Station Together.

OurJourney !

With best-of-breed capabilities, privacy, and the right tool for every step of your security journey, Defense Station allows you to scale without friction regardless of your company size.

Founded and Registered

Defense Station was conceived during our full-time jobs, driven by a shared vision to address the technological challenges to building this platform.

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First product launch

Sypher first version released, Went through accelerator, Early networking and connection building.

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Another launch & Revision

Launched Sypher new version, Gained 60+ users. Launched Policy Station and Gained Early customers.

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Plans to Grow and Launch

Plan to revise Policy Station and provide more customer value and launch Asset Station with beta testers.

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